Life Updates

Checking in again

Hi there! 👋 It's been about three months since I've posted on this blog, which is quite a bit of time... but not very unusual for me. I haven't prioritized recording the things I've been doing much in blog post form (although, I'm pretty good with tweeting about what I'm learning). A lot has happened during the last time I posted! Exciting things! To name a few:

  • I wrapped up my apprenticeship with RubyMe, contributing to the open source project If me.
  • I started learning ReactJS (in September), going through The Road to React and building this HackerNews search app) as well as this Gratitude List app).
  • I adopted a kitten, his name is Lloyd.
  • I got promoted at my current company- but I'm leaving soon because I got a Junior Software Engineering position!!!! (ahhh!!! yay!!)
  • I started going to Meetups (my goal is at least once per month), which I'm proud of because I tend to have anxiety around traveling alone (I primarily transport by bus).
  • I participated in Hacktoberfest and made 4 PRs in 4 different open source projects in ReactJS and Ruby on Rails!

On top of working full-time, I'm pretty content with what I've been able to accomplish. Outside of coding and learning, I'm also trying to just maintain a balance in my life. I hear that's a good thing (just kidding, I know first hand that it's a good thing, take care of yourselves folks!!!) To me, balance looks like spending quality time with friends and my partner, spending quality time with my cat, exercising a few times a week, and just giving myself the space to just reflect and refactor. So there's been a lot of all that going on in between all the other milestones I just listed.

Anyway, I'm starting a new chapter soon and entering into the world of creating software professionally and I want to get in the habit of writing about what I'm learning/doing/confused about/etcetera, at least once a month. I think it'd be nice to look back on old posts and see how far I've progressed, and hey, maybe it might help someone else too!