Things I like at the moment

Recently I listened to this podcast about identifying what you enjoy and it inspired me to write down a few things I like at this present moment of being:

  • Catppuccin theme for VSCode and Iterm
  • Taking walks after dinner with my partner
  • The song I'm Not My Season by Fleet Foxes
  • Fira Code font because the ligatures are v nice
  • Altra Provision 6 running shoes because they've got a wide toe box!
  • Writing out my day-to-day in Notion (I go back between a digital planner and paper planner, currently it's a digital planner season for me)
  • The sun rising at 5am. I'm a morning person and I like seeing the sky go between the pink, purple, to blue (ish, kinda mostly grey in Seattle)
  • Spotify's Blend Playlist feature.
  • Brandon Weaver's series on Understanding Ruby. I haven't seriously programmed in Ruby in a hot minute and I'm falling in love with the language again 🥰